Thursdays 2-7 pm - June 15 to Oct. 19 - Park Ave & Cook St

Vendor Application


Thanks for your interest in the Barrington Market.   Please know that we are a “Producer Only” market – all our vendors need to grow or make their own products.  If that is you, apply using the form below.

Here are the Barrington Market Rules, good stuff to know….


In addition, you have to be approved by the Cook County Health Dept. (Don’t worry it isn’t as scary as it sounds!)  Complete the “Application for Farmers” if you would ONLY be bringing produce – if you would bring ANYTHING ELSE, it’s the second application below.

Cook County Rules (OK they are long but read them once and figure out what you need to do!)


Any and ALL of these applications and rules which apply to YOUR specific products should be read, understood, filled out and sent to Judy Bruce at

We look forward to hearing from you!