Gigawatt Coffee Roasters » Market Sellers & their Goods

Gigawatt Coffee Roasters » Market Sellers & their Goods

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Gigawatt Coffee Roasters


Small Batch | Fresh Roasted | Affordable

Bringing back fresh roasted coffee at an affordable price to your mornings.

Gigawatt Coffee Roasters are part of the 1% of the world’s roasters who air roast their coffee. With an air roaster, the coffee is roasted just like it sounds – with hot air that pushes them up in a continuous motion, which allows for a perfectly consistent roast, every time.

 The coffee chaff never has the opportunity to burn on the bean, because it naturally separates from the bean at a certain temperature and is blown out into a separate container that collects the chaff.

And this is why everyone is talking about their coffee.  Be a part of the conversation.

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