Jacobson Family Farms » Market Sellers & their Goods

Jacobson Family Farms » Market Sellers & their Goods

Photo of Jacobson Family Farms
Jacobson Family Farms
Contact: Kyle Jacobson
Phone: 312-315-8044 Website: jacobsonfamily.farm


Jacobson Family Farms is a small-scale, regenerative, vegetable, fruit, cut flower, honey and microgreen farm expanding into pastured animal protein, eggs and gourmet mushrooms. We do not “till” the soil at Jacobson Family Farms which builds soil ecology, prevents erosion and stops new weed seeds from rising to the surface. We do not use any herbicides, pesticides or fungicides on our farm whatsoever. Being “organic” or “sustainable” just isn’t good enough. We need to rebuild or “regenerate” the soil which has been degraded since the mid 1800’s. Supporting us by buying our produce not only means you’re getting some of the most nutrient dense food on the planet, but that you’re also preserving and restoring the land for generations to come.

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